Press release: “Impact” Conference

The New Locals presents “Impact”, the new ground-breaking conference on sustainability and business.

The UCLy’s association tackles environmental issues by educating people about solutions and ways to get involved in sustainability.

Lyon (France): Yesterday, The New Locals released the date of their new conference, “Impact”, which will take place on November 20th. This program is a key concept of the project.

After their first success with the paper recycling plan at their school (ESDES), the youth initiative had to go deeper and explain their motivations behind the project. Romain Pavy (Cofounder) said: “Our association is committed to tackling climate change and our consumption patterns. Therefore, we believe we should help communities through infrastructural projects. We should also educate them and organize debates so that everyone can understand why we’re fighting for this cause.”

This event will have 4 speakers talking about innovation, corporate social responsibility, and sustainable business models. The goal is to draw attention to these issues, to make the audience understand how important climate change is and how it is affecting us. Furthermore, they will present solutions that each of us can implement in our daily lives.

Another comment we received from our followers was that our association wants to inspire people and not make people feel guilty about their habits:

Tejas Vishwanath (Cofounder) stated: “We want to change the stigma around people’s behavior and habits. Indeed, today, we have mass consumption of low-quality products that have negative externalities on the environment. We should stand together and help each other find solutions and change our habits gradually. That is our main goal for this conference.”

“Impact” is also an opportunity to raise funds and make the project grow bigger, build a community, raise awareness and pressure local government representatives to put back the focus on sustainability. Unfortunately, many regulations against environmental degradation such as the “Eco-tax” were abandoned in the past due to lobbying efforts by big firms. Our generation and future generations will face the consequences of climate change. In fact, the cost of inaction will make things worse for us and our children.

As John F. Kennedy once said: “There are risks and costs to action. But they are far less than the long-range risks of comfortable inaction”.


About the New Locals: The New Locals is a youth association from Lyon, created in early September 2017. Their goal is to make their University (the Catholic University of Lyon) a front runner of the green transition.

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