Student association press statement: Implementation of a new waste management system within ESDES – The Business School of UCLy

After numerous talks with our Dean, our campus’s Facility Manager, the top-management of the Catholic University of Lyon (UCLy) and negotiations with the supplier, the association came to an agreement with all actors and the recycling project was implemented 4 weeks ago. Such a waste management system deals with all paper and cardboard waste in a simple and convenient way.


The board-members and executive team are very satisfied by the success of this operation. Although this is only a test-phase, it clearly represents a first step in the development of the association’s mission and vision.

The waste management system was warmly welcomed by teachers and school’s executives alike. Also, thanks to encouraging word of mouth, institutions from UCLy such as ESTRI (School for international careers of UCLy) and ESTBB (biology, biotechnology and biochemistry school of UCLy) showed increasing willingness to find an agreement with The New Locals association in order to foster constructive talks.

The administration promised to back up the next association’s moves. The institutions and students are showing a continuous dedication and support to the association, which is highly appreciable and motivating.

The end goal of this initiative is to cover the whole university before the end of 2019. UCLy totals 50,000 square meters of offices, amphitheaters and classrooms. This fact surely balanced the talks in our favor when negotiating with the supplier, the external company understood the opportunities of supplying such a large institution.


The next step of the association’s vision is to implement a complete waste solution management for both UCLy campuses. The top management of UCLy is looking forward to change the waste management policy and have a new approach towards association initiatives.

The association believes UCly shall embody a frontier strategy and lead other French-European universities in the direction of sustainability.



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